How to start career as a mobile game developer?

Their manifesto is the thing that differentiates them from others in the industry and these are trust & transparency, partnership, quality, no drama, and positivity. We help our clients’ businesses grow and to achieve that we maintain honest & transparent relations with them. 3D action, adventurous-based, sports, and strategy-based games take about ten to eighteen months due to the complexity of animation, script, genres, etc. Devices that run on the iOS and Android OSes have a lot of similarities, especially in input schemes.

Thanks to Niantic, many people I know got out into the real world to explore it and catch Pokémon. Addicting games like Clash of Clans and its derivatives, like Clash Royale are strong contenders to past mobile game development games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled. This title, along with others like Minecraft, is able to be integrated with Xbox Live, a feature I believe will bump Microsoft higher on the list in the future.

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You can outsource game development services to us, and our game developers will gladly assist you in any queries that you may have about your project. If you are the owner of the mobile game development company from the USA, European, or Middle East regions, you can contact us and rely on our qualified help. Mobile game development outsourcing is an optimal solution for your mobile game business because it increases your profits and opens up new opportunities in the global market. Thus, your decision about selecting this model must be advantageous for you in terms of cheap cost and top-notch quality. The advent of better technologies for development has redefined the whole scenario of Mobile Gaming. We at TopDevelopers have made sure that the list we provide must include the top-rated mobile game development companies for our visitors.

  • So, considering the factors discussed in this section, outsourcing the development process will help you establish and make your company a brand in the gaming industry globally.
  • We work with startups, Fortune 500, and game firms providing innovative solutions.
  • A large chunk of their success lies with their release, Puzzles & Dragons, which mashes up puzzle genres and RPG elements.
  • An open, fast and interactive programming language from Apple that is used to create simple games for iOS and Mac.
  • Once you have a strong hold on the basic concepts, you can start applying for jobs in this industry in entry-level position.

It is all due to the smartphone revolution because everyone loves to have it. In addition, it has led to a surge in game development, contributing to immense profit generation for gaming companies. The gaming community’s expectations are rising every moment with every other game launched into the market. Do you and your team possess the required skill-set with relevant experience? An excellent alternative to overcome these challenges is outsourcing mobile game development services. As a top-tier mobile game app development company, we ensure technical perfection and the utilization of the latest technology platforms.


Android is the most used OS in the world and powers smartphones from numerous top manufacturers. The games are usually released in the Google Playstore, but other third-party stores are also available. You might do mobile game development for iOS, Android, or cross-platform. Only companies with huge budgets could afford to design, develop, and release games for consumers. But recently, game development has become cheaper due to factors such as the lower cost of game engines, better access to hardware, etc.

Gamers are shifting because it does not require any investment to buy equipment and ease of playing anywhere, anytime. Every platform such as Android, iOS, & Web, etc. is updating itself to meet users’ needs. The company specializes in crafting custom and elegant solutions that are built on proven methodologies. They offer personalized support, end-to-end partnership, and absolute transparency.

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The company has intellectual property rights on a wealth of titles, too, meaning it could rapidly increase its mobile game offering in the near future. As the statistics show, mobile game development companies are growing rapidly and it is best to invest money in them. Choosing outsourcing services has always been beneficial due to its efficiency, on-time delivery, and provision of complete resources.

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Fast and versatile programming language with a clear structure, allowing you to create both small and large-scale projects for the PC. At SciPlay, our workday begins with team members discussing what they hope to accomplish by the end of the day. For example finishing a game feature, patching a bug, or putting the final touches on concept art. — dedicated to providing employees with valuable family time, and time off to decompress. However, crunch can be (and has been) avoided through strong team cohesion, well-defined development strategies, and clear deployment tactics throughout a development cycle. Sign in to create your job alert for Mobile Game jobs in United States.

Riot Games

Our team commences the creation of artworks and assets as per the confirmed concept art and visual style. Artists from all sub-disciplines of game art production collaborate during this stage to bring the game’s visuals to life. Product managers, designers, and engineering teams hold sprints to achieve project milestones while also reporting to external and internal stakeholders.

Work in Mobile Game Development Company

Recently, they developed a golf game, titled Golf Clash, a causal yet intense way to gold virtually with your friends or anyone around the world. Super Evil Megacorp is an American mobile game developer known for its foray into the MOBA genre with Vainglory. Good advertising strategies have allowed Vainglory to be featured more in eSports, proving Super Evil Megacorp has its eye on the ball. Thanks to their insanely addictive augmented reality game, Pokémon GO, Niantic has become a household name, and a company worth following. Zynga established its social gaming empire long ago with Facebook 1.0 hits like FarmVille and Zynga Poker.

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That’s because of Rovio’s founders, Niklas Hed, Jarno Väkeväinen, and Kim Dikert. They drew inspiration from a flash game released in 2009 called Crush the Castle. GungHo is the company that hosted Ragnarok Online, an MMORPG, which originally released in 2002. A large chunk of their success lies with their release, Puzzles & Dragons, which mashes up puzzle genres and RPG elements.

They have some of the best game developers of different genres and have developed games for various clients across the globe. It is a crucial decision-making factor in considering taking the help of an outsourcing company that can clear the administrative hassles and reduces overhead costs. It is considerably less expensive compared to full-time in-house developers hiring. Your product delivery will be of good quality with dedicated teams, minimizing errors & delays. The game asset creation process is more straightforward for mobile games than for PC games.

Electronic Arts (EA)

The different buildings you put up will determine the functionality as well as the defensive strategy of your village. A constantly improving multi-platform game engine that allows you to make AAA class games with real-time editing and a large number of interactive features. All game elements are superbly optimized for the best performance.