How Hiring a Bookkeeper Can Strengthen Your Business

hiring a bookkeeper

Along with the informative resources, there are many powerful small business bookkeeping software applications in existence—some of which are free to use! Using the right small business accounting software can definitely make your bookkeeping a quick and simple task rather than a more manual approach of using spreadsheets. In addition, you can find a mentor to help teach you how to perform your bookkeeping in the software of your choice.

As beneficial as hiring a bookkeeper may be, it’s not always the right time to hire one. Bookkeepers can be incredibly helpful resources — but they’re not free. Whether you want to hire an in-house bookkeeper, a third-party bookkeeper or an online service, you’re going to have to pay something. If you don’t have the time or experience to properly do your bookkeeping, mistakes are bound to happen. As a bookkeeper, you will have access to sensitive financial information.

hiring a bookkeeper

This makes hiring an accountant more expensive than hiring a bookkeeper. With all of these factors in mind, you’ll be ready to dive into your bookkeeper search and feel more confident knowing what’s right for you and your business. Reliability and dependability are two traits that should be non-negotiables when hiring a bookkeeper. If you can, check their character references to ensure that the person is a hard worker who won’t leave you hanging.

Reduced accounting costs

Below, you’ll find some of the important bookkeeping interview questions you’ll want to ask your candidates. Your bookkeeper will also need to manage and oversee your organization’s accounts payable. They should be able to record all transactions and reconcile the accounts. The best way to find out if they can competently carry out this role is with an accounts payable test, which will assess each of these aptitudes.

  • Most bookkeepers use encryption programs to prevent external breaches while others may use a secure cloud server.
  • If you have a bookkeeper do the job properly in the first place, you’ll save money in the long run.
  • Large enterprises often use agencies to handle their finances, but small and midsize businesses also take this route.
  • It’s much better to learn the ropes in a more organized and smooth manner, than just try to wing everything or leave them up to chance.

Business owners have resources available to help them learn how to perform their own bookkeeping. Expertise Accelerated provides general accounting and bookkeeping services to help US SMEs achieve efficiency and value in their business operations. Another important decision to consider is whether to hire an in-house bookkeeper or find an outsourcing firm.

Bookkeeper vs. CPA: Do you need both?

Maintaining accurate bookkeeping can provide businesses with insights into their financial health, such as cash flow, revenue, and expenses. In fact, it is no secret that accurate bookkeeping can help business owners make informed financial decisions. However, when it comes to What is the difference between a ledger and a trial balance for your business, there are certain things to consider. Kashoo has basic accounting and bookkeeping services suitable for very small businesses. It helps you keep track of your expenses and bills, create invoices, and generate basic reports, such as income statements and balance sheets. The platform is simple and easy to use but doesn’t offer full bookkeeping features, such as product inventory and pre-invoice documents.

A good bookkeeper keeps your books clean and makes it easy for you to review and query the entries. Do your due diligence and ask for reference checks from accountants who have worked with your bookkeeping candidates. The first thing to decide is whether you need to hire a bookkeeper full time or engage someone on a temporary or temporary-to-hire basis. You could use a specialized staffing agency to find skilled candidates who would be a solid match for your company until you’re ready for a full-time hire. On average, freelance bookkeepers charge lower rates than firms do, since they have less overhead. A freelance bookkeeper will charge either an hourly or flat rate.

Your bookkeeper may not be able to devote as much attention to your business during this time of year as they normally would. A freelancer may or may not have experience working directly with CPAs. Ask about this during the consultation process, to determine their capacity for helping an accountant file your taxes on time. The time a bookkeeper puts into your business is determined by how many transactions you process per month, whether you have employees, and how complex your industry is.

Bookkeepers help keep track of all of your organization’s purchases, expenses, and sales. Bookkeeping practices vary between industries, so look for a track record relevant to your line of work. A bookkeeper who has worked only with fashion retailers, for instance, may not have the knowledge and experience to do an equally good job for an air-conditioning company. In other words, the relevance of a candidate’s experience is often more important than the duration of experience.

Sourcing bookkeepers for freelance positions

The effect of incorrect books could range from misinformed business decisions on your part, to misreported taxes (and the resulting IRS penalties) on the part of your business. In both cases, if you use dedicated bookkeeping software, you should ensure that your bookkeeper uses the same brand. They may be able to import expenses remotely, cutting out email threads or trips to the office. Unless your business has roughly thirty or more employees, or over a million dollars annual revenue, you probably don’t need to hire a full-time, in-house bookkeeper. You already know it’s time to hire a bookkeeper for your business. Listen for detailed answers from your bookkeeper candidates about how they spot errors and whether they use any particular process.

  • It’s important that your invoices and receipts are managed properly.
  • Once you get an idea of how much they charge, compare it to other reputable bookkeepers.
  • Further, it could also mean hiring a bookkeeper to keep track of and record the business’ financial transactions.
  • Fill out a form to give details on the bookkeeping project you need completed, provide some details on your business, and explore job profiles of potential freelancers to choose from.

Accountants are often asked to interpret complex data and analyses, with duties such as producing profit-and-loss statements and filing taxes. Financial accountants calculate assets and liabilities and show outside investors how a firm is doing. Cost accountants analyze financial processes within an organization and makes recommendations for improved cost control management.

Types of Bookkeepers You Can Hire

Bookkeepers typically charge $30-50/hour with a monthly minimum retainer that varies by provider. Sign up to receive more well-researched small business articles and topics in your inbox, personalized for you. Assessing a candidate’s soft skills is no easy task, as many of those skills won’t present themselves until that candidate enters the workplace. Bookkeeping certifications are totally optional, unlike accounting, where a CPA designation is mandatory. As you continue working with them, a flat rate may become feasible, and offer the benefit of a predictable bookkeeping expense in your monthly budget. Make a business case for diversity and inclusion initiatives with this data.

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If a remote bookkeeping service is worth hiring, they ought to be able to guarantee a certain level of quality. For instance, at Bench, all bookkeepers get training and ongoing education in bookkeeping, in addition to having multiple full-time staff dedicated just to quality and standards. Post your job description on this platform for free and start receiving applications instantly.

Bookkeepers are in charge of the day-to-day work; they keep the accounts detailed and concise. They also record credit card activity into QuickBooks and update owners on accounts receivable. Interested in learning more about building a healthy foundation for your small business? Be sure to check out the RISBDC’s online trainings that cover a wide variety of business topics.

It is typically easier to maintain clean books throughout the year rather than trying to prepare for taxes when tax deadlines are already close. A bookkeeper can’t be an accountant without proper certifications. Since bookkeepers aren’t required to have the same level of credentials as accountants, they are often cheaper to hire and can save your company money.

Bookkeeping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and if you’re not a numbers person, you’d have a hard time tracking business transactions. This article will explore why you need a bookkeeper, their duties and essential characteristics, online platforms where you can hire one, and tips for who to hire. When you aren’t seeing the gains you’d like, it’s tempting to just focus on working harder and selling more.

You’ll be able to post job descriptions for temporary bookkeepers and accounting staff members easily via Flexjobs. As indicated by the name, this job board focuses on flexible roles. Putting 5 job postings up for consideration is possible – and there’s no cost to do so.