How Do You Cope with Loneliness in Addiction Recovery?

We understand what you’re going through and we can help you or a loved one survive addiction and find happiness in your life again. You don’t have to try to cope with life and addiction all on your own. Reach out to us now, no matter the time of day or night, even if you’re not sure what you want to do yet and just need someone to listen.

Unlearning the common idea that every moment of our lives must be productive is probably the first step to successfully creating space for hanging out. For a person in recovery, that is a first step well worth taking if it helps build relationships that enrich your life and support your ongoing sobriety. It is easy to overindulge in social media consumption when isolated (or feeling disconnected). A sign of disconnection may be diving deeper into social media channels and not actually engaging with others, just withdrawing further. If it seems to be making a withdrawal from loved ones worse, it might be time to step back.

Defining Loneliness

If you are feeling down, it’s likely that your pet will notice. Of course, having a pet is a huge responsibility, and you shouldn’t get an animal without immense consideration. Instead of reaching for your phone, go for a bike ride or a walk. You don’t have to eliminate social media completely, but maybe try going a few days without it to see how you feel.

loneliness in recovery

Or, take yourself out to dinner and indulge in your favorite dessert. Suffering from loneliness in sobriety can be debilitating. At Eudaimonia Recovery Homes, we’ve designed our sober living program to provide essential support services, a healthy living environment, and sober socialization and community. Our staff members understand what it’s like to struggle in recovery because we’ve been there too. These effects, combined with the already adverse physical and emotional effects of addiction put the health of an addict at increased risk.

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Most people need a certain amount of human contact to feel good, and strong social support is necessary to maintain sobriety. It requires effort and patience to develop new relationships or rebuild damaged ones. Realize that feelings of isolation are a part of the process of addiction recovery, and remember that being alone is different from being lonely. Find a way to fight loneliness as you work to reconnect with the world. Our treatment center in Ocean Park, Washington, offers various types of therapy to explore why an individual is isolating themselves and abusing drugs.

We feel an emotional need for connection, we cry, and they pick us up and hold us. The connection soothes us, we calm back down, and our tears fade. Gradually, over time, we learn to manage that type of loneliness on our own.

Jul 7 Ways To Overcome Loneliness in Addiction Recovery

The tools for dealing with loneliness are ones that you have to formulate yourself. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs, contact us today. We can help you or your loved one start the journey to addiction recovery, and make a positive impact on addiction and isolation.

loneliness in recovery

It takes time and patience to make new friends and cultivate authentic connections. While creating a new social support circle may be challenging, doing so is critical to maintaining sobriety. Some people may even make themselves available if you feel like you need someone to talk to. Going to meetings regularly also gives structure to your day so that if you do feel lonely, you have a definite idea of when that might end. Keep in mind, especially if you’re relatively new, that engagement is key. While it might help just to be around other people, you still might feel lonely if you just sneak into a meeting and sit in the back.

Making amends with those that you have done wrong is often another step in the right direction. More importantly, choosing who you want to make amends with is critical too. The company you keep in sobriety should be the ones that want to see you succeed, even if it’s a small number of people. Those that truly love you will be happy to see you well, and most likely forgive you and welcome you back into their lives. There will always be those that might not forgive you, and that is truly on them.