Dan’s Story A Father Celebrates One Year of Sobriety

It has changed every part of my being, the way that I move and the way that I communicate. And the way that I experience things, the way that I cultivate my relationships with people. It has changed everything for the better. I get to live with both sides of me, the ugly and the good. I can maneuver things and figure out what’s a good decision for me.

inspirational stories of sobriety

I would be fine, drinking with my friends, then blackness. Then the next day started and I would pick up where I left off. I took my first drink in https://stylevanity.com/2023/07/top-5-questions-to-ask-yourself-when-choosing-sober-house.html the eighth grade. But I remember that I split a bottle of vodka between myself and two other friends. It made me cool and it made me beautiful.

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It was Groundhog day over and over and over and over again. I have a memory of sitting on my old apartment’s bathroom floor, head in my hands saying to myself, “What is wrong with me? ” It was a type of hell I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It allowed me to deal with feelings in my then-preferred way — by doing anything to NOT feel them. Life can be peaceful and great – one day at a time.

inspirational stories of sobriety

Sometimes not even celebrities recognize their struggles. Jada realized she was having a drinking problem at home. These casual drinking nights were suddenly happening too often. “I found myself drinking two bottles of wine on the couch,” says Jada.

Emptying Out the Fridge and Starting Fresh

The gray area just kind of becomes a little less. There’s a whole world that is so celebratory and celebrates you finding your truth. It’s a thing where you’ll say, “I’m a month sober,” and people will be like, Congratulations! Gerard lives and works in Maryland, U.S., he’s happily married, and a proud father. After 90 days, I went to my first group dinner, my first party, and my first bar with friends.

inspirational stories of sobriety

As a little girl, I felt different from everyone else. In high school, I was sexually abused and picked on. However, I believe I was born an addict. Not long after, I became part-time student, full-time connoisseur of alcohol and drugs. I had found my niche, my people, and fervor for life.